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After we receive your message we will contact you to book your free initial consultation.


  • This is a 30 minute phone or online consultation where we take an in depth look at your needs. Answer any specific questions you have about our services, the hiring process, or the fire service.

  • This is also your opportunity to submit any specific interview questions or areas of weakness you would like to improve upon.

  • The consultation process allows us to tailor the service specifically for you and your individual needs and gain some insight to the scale of our work together.

  • For Resume + Cover Letter Service: Prior to your consultation we will ask for a copy of your cover letter and resume (if you have one) so we can review it and assess its strengths and weaknesses, make suggestions and gain some vision on the scale of our work together.

  • Once we have finished the consultation the real work begins and we and start helping you achieve your goals and your dream job.

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