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Fire career prep is a career preparation and self actualization organization designed to facilitate personal and professional growth and achievement through leadership mentoring, coaching, and self evaluation tools.


We offer expertise from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and have over 80 years combined leadership experience from several fields including. Firefighting, Special forces operations, local government leadership, EMS (emergency medical services), and business.


Our goal is to offer top quality tools and resources to help our clients achieve their goals and develop an ethos that allows them to continue to succeed. Some of our primary services include; interview coaching, resume structuring, and 1 on 1 mentoring.


The programs we offer have been developed using our combined experience and in consultation with the latest literature on performance psychology in leadership and success.


We hope to be able to provide services suitable to meet any and all goals and budgets. Contact us for any inquiries.


Good luck out there.


James Pearson with Fire Career Prep gives a professional and personal touch to Fire interview preparation.

I sat down with James for three sessions where we touched on a variety of different techniques from how to formulate and structure your stories, keeping the flow and being able to adapt them to work with a multitude of different questions. I would highly recommend Fire Career Prep to anyone seeking to improve their interview skills

Braden S

  • Why would I need to prepare for an interview?
    Career processes often move slowly until they move quickly. Lots of people choose to wait until they know they have an interview before they start preparing for their interview. The trouble with this mindset is that the plan becomes to react instead of planning proactively. (Controlling what we can. Or mitigating the risk). Generally interviews are scheduled with 1-2 weeks notice, this is simply not enough time to learn, adapt, and adopt skills and principals that will help you be successful in the interview process. We like to say "that there is no bad time for you to be better". Contact us to learn more.
  • How does the mentorship program work?
    Our mentorship program is typically provided in a 1 on 1 setting in one hour sessions. The goal of the program is to help those seeking to become better candidates typically as it pertains to the fire service but not exclusively. If you are at step 1 or 10 of a serious attempt to become a firefighter this is the program for you. We work primarily on self awareness, habit forming, and accountability exercises. This then show us the areas where we have problems that may be hindering your success. Once those are identified we can address and mitigate them. The mentorship program covers many of the following subjects; time management, goals setting, interview coaching, resume review, confidence coaching, fitness planning and more.
  • How successful have the people you have worked with been?
    Firstly we would like to think that all of our customers would say that our service is impeccable, they gained insight and knowledge from it, and were successful in their endeavors. (Feel free to read the testimonials on our homepage). Secondly we would state that all of our clients have been successful. They improved from where we met them which is the goal of our services. With that said we have placed 100's of people in fire departments big and small all over the United States and Canada, and even a few in Europe. Our process is truly universal, repeatable and achievable. If you want to learn more contact us today.


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